Modern Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies

A part-time course (fagpakke) at Master in IT. 

Modern Security
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September 2024 - April 2025

Application deadline

1. June 2024



Teaching dates (subject to change)

First single course: 12.09.24, 03.10.24, 24.10.24, Second single course: 21.11.24, 12.12.24. 16.01.25, Third single course: 06.02.25, 27.02.25, 13.03.25. Please note that changes to the time and location of the instruction may occur


24.000 kr.

Course provider

Aalborg University

Credit points


Learn the fundamental principles of information security and data protection

The course “Modern Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies" equips you with diverse security technologies, used for fortifying IT systems against present and future threats, and it helps you to establish defense mechanisms and thus to secure IT systems and infrastructure in the long term.

In the IoT era, securing not only computers but also smaller connected devices like mobiles, tablets, security cameras, RFID access control, and smartwatches is critical due to their vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Factors like limited processing power, weak authentication, and outdated software make these devices susceptible. A breach in one device can compromise the entire network. In order to protect a company's network against attacks, it is necessary to be able to understand and identify the attacks that may be against the network. Therefore the curriculum covers the topic of cryptanalysis (attacks or finding weakness in the system) and finding solutions to that.

Quantum computers pose a significant threat to company IT security by challenging current encryption standards. NIST's announcement of quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms emphasises the urgency for IT professionals to address this evolving threat, enabling proactive security measures. This course provides detailed knowledge of post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution for secure communication.

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Target group

Developers, teachers, technical project managers and individuals who work with IT projects or software development and want a deeper insight into IT security and to be better grounded in assessing security aspects and risks in existing or planned IT projects.

Course prerequisites:

The course is structured without prerequisites, starting from the basics; however, it is expected that students are open to acquiring knowledge in fundamental mathematics. Some background in basic programming can help students to develop better understanding. No technical prerequisites are required, but it is necessary to be able to read and work with the English language, technical material.

Single subjects

The course, Modern Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies, consists of three single subjects:

  • Applied Cryptography
  • Modern Security Solutions: Safeguarding the Digital Landscape
  • Blockchain Security and Privacy

Specialization in IT Security

You can choose to include the course “Modern Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies” as part of an entire specialization in IT security.

Read more about the specialization in IT Security.

Contact Information

Questions regarding the curriculum: 

Post.Doc. Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi 
Phone number: 9940 7650

Questions about admission, enrollment and billing inquiries:

Study secretary Heidi Sørensen
Phone number: 9940 7256

Jens Myrup

“In the course “Modern Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies”, the students are not only learning about new technologies within cyber security. While the course offers a good understanding of the technologies, the focus is also to apply this knowledge to understand the possibilities the technologies create and with what limitations. This ensures that the knowledge can be translated into solutions in e.g. the cyber security domain, but also that it provides the participants with the foundation to better assess security risks and take relevant counter measures given the technological developments around us. For example, the use of resource-limited devices impacts both the attack surface and the possibility to counter the attacks, while the emergence of quantum threats further complicate the tasks of securing company devices”

Professor Jens Myrup Pedersen, teacher for Modern Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies. 

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